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Many of you may know me, Lisa Cannata-Willams as the Secretary/Manager of the Silverwood Horse shows. I am an FEI dressage rider, and My retired FEI horse Miko has laminitis, and I would do anything to help him. I read a lot about CBD but at $90 for 5 oz, I could not afford to give him enough to help him. I was determined to find a way to make CBD affordable! This CBD for Horses and CBD for Dogs is formulated by a Vet and has been analyzed to have over 4000mg of CBD per pound. The horse pellets (you can give to dogs too) are easy to feed and dose! People are using CBD for Pain, anxiety, stress, gastro, and more. Not to mention the astounding effects it has on controlling seizers in dogs! 
CBD Hemp Pellets are a safe and simple solution to lameness or anxiety or performance enhancement for many horses. In Independent Trials, by Equine Veterinarians, many horses benefited from the CBD found in Hippie Critter domestically grown hemp. for horses hippie horse CBD for Horses, CBD for Dogs

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